New zipe code. New country.

The day finally arrived. I moved out and moved to another country. I am currently living in a shared one bedroom apartment in the Netherlands, taking an extra semester abroad. So far my first full day in the country has been hectic, fun and quite exhausting. Getting to know a lot of new people, cultures and also myself. Since I for the first time in my life am living on my own. I have realized that I have no concept of what a normal grocery trip should look like. Even though I have tried my best at cooking in the past, I still can not comprehend the art of making one portion pasta. But I will give it time, five months of so, and hopefully after this I will have mastered the art of pretending to be an adult.


Grilled cheese & mushroom tagliatelle 

Some days the spring weather just decides to peek out, and today is one of those days. After having done a halftime presentation of our finale thesis I took the rest of the day off, and that meant relaxing in the sun while watching the vampire diaries. With that I made french toast with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and arugula, and “a side of” mushroom pasta.

Multitasking the wrong things

The day has consisted of re-watching the vampire diaries, working on my finale thesis project and struggling to control my diet. After watching the vampire diaries finale I felt like I just needed to re-watch it all. Which in turn came at a really bad timing, considering I have way too much to do. But I am who I am, and am already at season 2 after watching for about 3 days… I have however been studying whilst watching, making it slightly half-arsed.

Throughout the day I have tried to remain healthy, avoiding my habit of constantly snacking and staying away from gluten. I had a bowl of vanilla yogurt (or cottage cheese as google translate told me) with kiwi and blueberries while I took a bit of a study break.

The sky is teasing

For someone who only has scheduled classes twice a week, I sure do spend a lot of time in school. Today was no different, and from inside the classroom windows the weather was teasing me with spring feelings. However, stepping outside the teasing was revealed to be a lie, the cold and harsh wind was just too much.

Speaking of cold and harsh, my thesis buddy and I tried to book some more interviews for our project, so we called a new person from a company we had reached out to before. Believe it or not, he was as rude and bitchy as the first person… So note to self, never contact that company for anything.


Deadlines and meetings

The day has been somewhat hectic, with two interviews booked and a project deadline at 5 pm sharp. The interviews went great and since we had a few hours in between them, a lunch out was in order. However turning in our finale project was not as successful as the interviews. Opening the model-file, we realized that we had a lot more to do than anticipated. However we finished everything and tried to make all our drawings into pdf:s, but the school computers wouldn’t have it and decided to just crash and freeze midway. Which in turn made us miss the deadline time, and at that point our mood just went sideways. Thankfully having understanding teachers, we were able to turn in our project a few hours later.

Starting over and over and over

It hasn’t really been a productive couple of weeks. As usual I have directed my focus away from my goals and the things I need to do. The month of March has thus far consisted of partying, stress-studying and a lot of decision making. Mainly however, it has not consisted of a healthy diet, life style or exercise pattern. At this point it feels as if starting over is all I ever do, and I start over after a week or two. My unhealthy eating habits is to be displayed here, but for now, here is a picture of a delicious pesto chicken pizza I had the other day. The first picture is from a cafe where I sat and studied by myself, which is kinda big for me.