Slow start for February

When I last posted it was still January and I had this picture of change for February. But that is what it all was, until I actually am at the point it will all just be a hope, a goal that I want to achieve. i have not yet managed to cut out gluten completely, nights and weekends are the worst, when cravings kick in.

At the beginning of the month I was rather ill, and now I’m swamped with schoolwork. But these are mainly excuses, so at some points during the week I try to get myself to the gym, and even though it’s hard, I restrict myself the best that my self-discipline allows at this moment. But all I can do is try and try harder every time, because this is something I want, and therefore this is something I am going to get, by myself, for myself.

I have however went to some workout classes and I must say that after finishing the full class I was kinda proud of myself. Because I managed to pull through at all steps, some that I have struggled with before. I personally see this as an improvement.

Just for the sack of a picture here is my lunch the other day, when my group project partner and I decided we deserved a proper lunch break after all the work we’d done.


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