Slow start for February

When I last posted it was still January and I had this picture of change for February. But that is what it all was, until I actually am at the point it will all just be a hope, a goal that I want to achieve. i have not yet managed to cut out gluten completely, nights and weekends are the worst, when cravings kick in.

At the beginning of the month I was rather ill, and now I’m swamped with schoolwork. But these are mainly excuses, so at some points during the week I try to get myself to the gym, and even though it’s hard, I restrict myself the best that my self-discipline allows at this moment. But all I can do is try and try harder every time, because this is something I want, and therefore this is something I am going to get, by myself, for myself.

I have however went to some workout classes and I must say that after finishing the full class I was kinda proud of myself. Because I managed to pull through at all steps, some that I have struggled with before. I personally see this as an improvement.

Just for the sack of a picture here is my lunch the other day, when my group project partner and I decided we deserved a proper lunch break after all the work we’d done.



After ending up at number 14 in the queue for the Zumba activity, someone finally cancelled so my friend and I got the spots! The instructor for this Zumba class is really hyper and enthusiastic, one of my favorites actually. She also goes all out on leg work, so squats and lunges every other second basically.

This is a new start 

I’ve been watching YouTube video after video, scrolling through Instagram with all these healthy fit models, and just asking myself “why can I not succeed with my goals?”.

So I set up my goals, this blog and now this will hold me accountable for what I do and what I don’t do. So now I’m here with my delicious smoothie in hand and filing up this blog. So let’s do this. 2017 we are gonna do this, I’m gonna do this!